10 Cool Companies Hiring for Remote Sales

10 Cool Companies Hiring for Remote Sales

The list of major companies laying off employees due to COVID19 continues to grow, placing many in the job market for the first time in many years. As a result, more companies will be remote for the near future and we suspect most companies will be moving to an environment where remote-friendly sales jobs will become the norm. 

Here's a list of 10 fast-growing companies you likely haven't heard of yet, but are currently hiring for sales. 

1. Friendbuy, Remote Account Executive (Apply here). Friendbuy is Referral Marketing meant for Growth Marketers. With Wal-Mart and Dollar Shave club as customers, they're clearly onto something.

2. Atmosphere, Remote Account Executive (Apply here). Ever been to a bar and seen on the tv the endless reels of content of mishaps, falls and other fleeting life moments caught on film. The brains behind Atmosphere and Chive Media are responsible for the endless entertainment. With a growing footprint, this is sure to be a great opportunity. 

3. Procore, Remote Account Executive LATM (Apply here). #ConstructionTech remains a hot category, even in the face of all things COVID19. This role is for the Latin America market, si se puede habar español, es possible que tu eres el numero uno candidate. :)

4. Onedrop, Remote SDR (Apply here). One of the global darlings behind #medtech, this company has been featured on stage by Apple during previous global product launches and is helping diabetics better manage their health. A great cause to get behind and a great role for a promising SDR.

5. ZocDoc, Remote Sales Manager (Apply here). Making a doctor's appoitnment tends to always fall at the bottom of your to-do list. Thankfully these folks have digitized the whole thing. A great opportunity for a budding Sales Manager to step up and take this team to the next level. 

6. TruckBux, Remote Sales Ambassador (Apply here). A great role for someone looking to get their feet wet with sales. Food trucks are looking for help with getting their operations and finances in order and so the opportunity here should be huge. 

7. kustomer, Remote Enterprise Account Executive (Apply here). kustomer is a fan favorite amongst the great brands who care the most about customer service. This would be a great role for an account executive to focus on the Central portion of the United States and expand a thriving book of business.

8. Everlywell, Remote Sales Account Exectuive (Apply here). An awesome role for a sales professional to join the emerging market of at-home health test kits. Growing like crazy and featured on Shark Tank. 

9. Calm, Remote Sales Development Representative (Apply here)The current state of the world has almost everyone looking for some calm and mental peace admist the chaos. A great opportunity for an SDR to expand the Calm brand into the enterprise. 

10. Elastic, Remote Sales Development Manager (Apply here). If open source, enterprise search, observability and security are your jam, then this role might be your jelly. A massive company with a massive sales team that should be acquired by Oracle any day now. Get in while you can! 

This is just a shortlist of some remote sales jobs that stood out to the team here at The Sales Planner. Best of luck to everyone on the hunt and hope a company is lucky enough to have you onboard soon. 

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