5 Less Common But Totally Awesome Sales Jobs

5 Less Common But Totally Awesome Sales Jobs

Recently we posted 5 kickass, high paying sales jobs that require no degree experience to get started.

And like the ocean, the world of sales jobs is vast, deep, and filled with opportunity. Fishing for the right sales job can feel like a daunting task; however, like anything else in life if you look in places where everyone else isn't looking, then perhaps your line will get a bite and you'll be on your way to feasting like a king. 

1. Paint Sales Rep

Paint is like software. It's everywhere. And odds are if you look up right now, you're going to see paint within eye distance. And every surface with paint equals an opportunity to close new business. With a market this wide and big, it's impossible to think of anything more significant. And with a market titan like Sherwin-Williams, you're "sher" to be painting the town green. Here's an awesome role for a Sales Representative, General Industry to get you started. 

2. Fire Extinguishers Sales Rep

Like paint, everyone needs a fire safety solution on their premise and until the world becomes flame-retardant, there's always going to be a market for fire extinguisher and fire safety related products. And right now, it seems like the world might be burning down at times, so it could be a great time to get in. If you missed your calling as a firefighter, here's a role for a Life Safety Inspection Services Sales Rep you might want to consider. Just leave the Backdraft movie quotes at home. 

3. Glass Sales Rep

Second to paint, there's probably no market bigger than glass. And with construction booming at an all-time high, glass sales are likely to be ripe for a significant boost in commissions this year. Just make sure you smash sales records and not your inventory, and you'll be good to go. Here's a role for a Director of Business Development at Middlesex Glass that you can see right through as having big-time potential. 

4. Pet Food Sales Rep

With all-things COVID, people have been adopting pets at alarming rates and just like humans, these four-legged creatures need to eat too. If you're a big fan of cats, dogs, lizards or anything else that you can legally keep at home, then this might be your calling. A great way to practice your product demonstrations skills, just make sure the job description doesn't call for taste testing too! Here's a role for a Territory Sales Manager at Phillips Pet Food and Supplies.

5. Art Sales Rep 

Maybe art school was something you always dreamed of, but just never made happen. If you spend time doodling your day away, this might be a great career for you. Art sales are at an all-time high, and the sky's the limit here. And don't believe the nonsense that this is only for the high-society folks. Art is for the people so make it your job to get it in the hands of those who will appreciate it the most. Here's a role for an Art Gallery Sales Consultant to get you started on your way to selling Picassos. 

If you want to carve your own path, you're going to have to go where few or none have gone before, so think outside the box when thinking about your sales career and use the path less traveled to get ahead of the rest. 

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