A Door-to-Door Sales Revolution

A Door-to-Door Sales Revolution

We’re all familiar with the inaccurate depiction of door-to-door salespeople. Often portrayed on tv and in movies as an inconvenience, knocking at a less than opportune time, dressed in tan khakis, baggy polo shirt tucked in with a lanyard over the neck. The visuals and stigma of door-to-door sales has never been favorable and the perception of the role is unfortunate and inaccurate at best. 

The truth is that door-to-door sales is a liberating career that allows you to choose your own destiny. Choose the product or service you want to sell, find a team you want to join, mark your territory and claim your own earnings. Work hard all summer and take the rest of the year off. And do it with a brother and sisterhood of like-minded individuals striving to be their best. 

“Young adults are too smart in 2021 to get buried in college debt and work until they’re 65. They want to get paid based on how they perform not just for showing up,” says Cody Thrive, one of the top voices in door-to-door sales training and performance and member of the Vivint D2D sales team

A Destiny-Driven Renaissance

As a result, door-to-door sales is finally having its well-deserved moment in the spotlight. The entire method of door-to-door sales has been refreshed, reframed and reborn. Door-to-door sales has been reenergized by a generation of high-energy achievers who have established themselves as an effective sales strategy.

Even in the face of all things COVID19, door-to-door sales has reestablished itself. 

Today’s door-to-door sales teams bear great resemblance to a tight knit group of friends who have decided to go into business together. Built around impressive branding, training and culture, door-to-door sales teams are emerging as a top sales channel for home services including security, solar, pest, telecom and other categories as well. And a great place to launch or maintain your career. 

“D2D isn’t a job; it’s a sport. If you are a competitor there’s not a more proven way to become a millionaire in your 20s than selling door-to-door.”

The perks are incredible too -- free corporate housing, awesome gear that you’d wear to the bar, sizable commission checks, and the control of your own destiny. 

What’s driving the meteoric rise in popularity of door-to-door sales? It’s difficult to say. However, the all-access experience shared by some of the best door-to-door sales teams on TikTok and Instagram is definitely a big contributor to its success. The perks are incredible too -- free corporate housing, awesome gear that you’d wear to the bar, sizable commission checks, and the control of your own destiny. 

Need Drive, Not Diploma

The job requirements for a door-to-door sales career are different from that of your traditional office-based sales job. Those without college degrees are embraced, included and expected to apply. Most important to your success as an applicant and professional door-to-sales pro is your drive and willingness for success.

Training programs are doing particularly well too. One of our favorites, Knockstar University, does a great job building community and highlighting the highs and lows that come with door-to-door sales. Through posts on their page and group sessions they’re helping turn anybody with enough drive into a powerhouse. During a recent cabin retreat they include a live-stage competition format to help people manage objections and learn to think quicker on their feet.  

From objection strategies to getting your mind right, the training materials really stand out. 

“What makes our door-to-door sales training program different is we offer the ‘how-to' behind sales training, says Taylor McCarthy, co-founder of Knockstar University. “We dive into the nitty-gritty around topics like how to do effective questioning. We train on specific one liners that are proven to work. And we teach people glamour works to build excitement during a presentation.”

“The reason why there’s so much mediocrity is sales reps only know one way to close a sale or help break someone who is preoccupied. When you have the tools we train you on, it’s easy to win at each door,” adds Taylor.  

Recently, Knockstar University teased the introduction of Knock Cards, a set of cards to help practice your objection handling on the fly. You can sign up to be notified when the cards drop here

Through the experience of door-to-door sales some unlock a lifetime career of training and growing talented sales professionals. Others use the career as a mechanism to get ahead in life and 

A Sister-Brotherhood

Door-to-door sales pros thrive anywhere but the office and that’s where you’ll find these awesome sales teams. For example, Moxie Pest recently took their sales leaders on a trip to go wakeboarding in Dallas, Texas. Not to mention the awesome gear (and no risk corporate housing provided) to you get when you join salesforces like TEAMGRIT with Alder Home Security. 

And when looking to hire these teams and companies are looking for a few particular traits to help determine what makes a door-to-door sales pro successful.

“Our core tenant for success is rooted around culture. A culture specifically centered around integrity and results. Culture is the most important piece,” explains Danny Pessy, VP at Titanium Nation

“The primary sales traits we look for in adding more to our group are Coachability, Self-discipline, Authenticity, Work ethic, Dependability and Competitive Spirit," adds Pessy. 

Great habits, like writing down your sales plan, help guarantee success too. 

If you’d like to apply for a door-to-door sales job, be sure to put your best foot forward. Think about your answers to: what drives, how you spend your free time now, why you want to do door-to-door sales and follow the accounts above for tips and tricks to be the best door-to-door sales person in the game. Many of the door-to-door sales teams hire now for the summer, including the application for Cody’s Vivint Sales Team

In the end, door-to-door sales is reborn and here to stay. Start your search for a career in door-to-door sales and let us konw how it goes via twitter @TheSalesPlanner or on Instagram @Sales.Planner

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