Building Resilience as an SDR

Building Resilience as an SDR

Success and failure is the name of the game with sales. Like anything else in life you can't have one without the other; hopefully, whichever career path you do end up choosing, you end up with more wins than losses.

Sales Development is probably the best answer to the question of how to get started in enterprise sales. It is a wonderful place to "cut your teeth" and put you front and center of the glorious world of sales. As a frontline worker of the sales pipeline, your positive results have a direct and significant impact on the ability to help your team win more deals. Just like anything in life with more at bats, the more chances there are to hit a home run.

Any decorated sales career is likely 20 years or longer in length, with the exception of those lucky few who strike gold or are wise enough to move on to another trade (haha, just kidding). 

Sales never happens in a vaccum and millions of things happen out of your control. But what you can control is your resilience to last through it all. And for many SDRs, making it through the experience is often handsomely rewarded with a promotion to Account Executive. 

So how can an SDR stay resilient through sales job stress? While we don't claim to be an oracle, we do have some tips on how to keep your mind right when things aren't going as well. Nobody is picking up your dials, you're having trouble getting demos booked, your email templates aren't working, and your boo-lean searches aren't connecing with boo-mers. 

You build resilience as an SDR by taking care of yourself. 

Here are 5 things you can do starting today to make sure you are battle-ready when things become a greater challenge for you. 

1. Sweat

Sounds silly. But don't sweat from stress, sweat from exercise. We don't need to link to any studies because you've probably heard by now that studies show sweat helps manage stress. Go for a run, hop on your shiny new Peloton, join the Y, go grapple someone in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Do what you gotta do to exert yourself physically

2. Sleep

Turn off your phone, don't bring it to the bedroom. Stop doomscrolling. Trust me, it doesn't get any better the more you scroll on social media. Sleep, and slep for 8 hours a night. Get a humidifier, some black out shades, treat yourself.

3. Stay Confident

Literally every salesperson worth their salt has had multiple rough patches. Sometimes deals fall apart. Sometimes you have bad luck and everyone you call is having a bad day. So what? It's there loss. When someone hangs up on you, maybe just call them back and ask if you were disconnected. You often have to get through multiple "No"s before you get to a sea full of "Yes"es.

4. Meditate

Yeah, we know everyone says it, but it's true. You're early on in your career and if you're going to excercise mentally, you might as well exercise your mind. It will help you train your brain to stay positive and take a step back - which are the two key qualities 

5. Plan

Stop winging it and don't listen to everyone else exclusively. Don't forget about your own internal voice, your own wishes and your own career goals. Write them down, internalize them, speak them into existence. Sounds silly, we know, but some smart people at Harvard said you have a way better chance of achieving your goals when you write them down. Have a plan and know it will change. That's ok. By writing it down you are already ahead of 95% of the sales world.


If you need any other help or guidance, The Sales Planner team is here for you. We have combined over 40 years of experience in Sales and would love to help you achieve your dreams. 

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