Don't Let Movies Ruin Sales Training

Don't Let Movies Ruin Sales Training
Here at The Sales Planner, we are enormous fans of sales training. We believe sales training is a key pillar to any professional's success and those who are brave enough to ignore, skip or not pay attention to it are simply missing out on maximum commission earnings and success.

However, we've all seen a movie or TV show where some sort of sales training webinar is riddled with oversimplified advice and cheesy acronyms all set in an uninspiring space where it appears that half the room has fallen asleep.

Benefits of Sales Training Programs 
These perceptions of sales training are unfortunate and misguided and here's why. The benefits of sales training far outweigh the drawbacks of sales training. In the worst case scenario, you get a break from your day-to-day routine and an opportunity to step away from your deals and review your pipeline at a high level. In the best-case scenario, you come back to your sales plan and deal opportunities with a renewed take on how to tackle closing new business. 

Chief among the benefits of sales training include:
1. Improving your sales process to better structure your deals.

2. Giving you internal visibility into how you are going to navigate a prospect through the sales process.

3. Gaining new insights on how to close more business from colleagues and fellow practitioners. 

4. Helping you understand your weaknesses in your sales process.

5. Giving you new practical tools to help you improve as a sales professional.

Often times, sales ego gets the best of us. Every salesperson likely has some level of ego and along with that sales ego, likely comes a certain belief that they can sell anything to anyone, and whenever they lose a deal, it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with everything else, sound familiar? 

A deal review with any salesperson will likely show some Ws and some Ls too. And some of those Ls truthfully could have been winning if perhaps a few different tacts or unique approach was used to close the business.

This is where sales training comes in handy: helping you to close more business.

Many account executives, sales directors, and even BDRs are often signed up for a sales training class by their managers or leadership. And typically the first response by many is to blow it off, or some might think to themselves "I don't need something like this. I'm already hitting my number. I can sell water to a well!"

Get Better At Sales with Sales Training
However, the important thing to remember about sales training is that it's an opportunity to improve your craft. Never settle and never fall into the hive-mindset of thinking you're already excellent. Lebron James still practices his jumper. Elon Musk still works long hours iterating on Tesla. Excellence is a journey, not a destination.

Choosing a Sales Training Program
Here at The Sales Planner, we are big fans of The Sandler Training Methodology. It's a great lens through which to look holistically at the sales process and is sprinkled with intelligent insights throughout. The MarketSense group does an excellent job with its training materials. There are of course countless other sales training options available online. And Sales Hacker keeps a great list of them here. 

So when the time comes for you to participate in your next great sales training, don't fall for the trap of blowing it off. Take the time to listen, think, and improve. Any earnest effort you apply toward improving your sales craft will have an exponential impact on your sales performance.

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