Highest Paying Sales Jobs with No Degree

Highest Paying Sales Jobs with No Degree


You don’t need a degree to start making a 6-figure salary this year. If you have a way with words, are persuasive, love competition and want to earn some serious cash, keep reading. Sales is one of the few career options that you can start without a degree, only do part time or just seasonally and still make more money than you can possibly spend.

Unlike many other job choices, most companies will give entry level sales people a shot at a job without any experience at all. Moreover, sales is likely the only profession that you can earn an unlimited amount. It is not uncommon for great sales people to have 6-figure paydays after a single good month of sales.

Below is the list of highest earning potential sales jobs you can get right now without any experience or degree.

Outside Solar Sales 

If you’re not afraid to go door-to-door, help homeowners make one of the best decisions of their lives and earn BIG in the process, then solar sales is likely for you. By the year 2025 is estimated 3% of all US homes will have solar panels attached to the roof of their home. Solar Panels dramatically reduce electrical bills, increase home value and are very good for the environment.

Being an Outside Solar Sales Rep typically consists of walking door-to-door in residential areas and setting meetings with people that express interest in having solar panels installed on their roofs. Deal sizes typically range anywhere from $5000 to $50,000 in size and sales people usually earn around 5% of the deal size as commission. This means you earn thousands of dollars per deal closed. Reps that close deals on a daily basis (as many do) literally earn thousands of dollars per day. If you work in solar sales for a single summer, and close just an average of 3 deals per week you will have made over $50k in just 12 weeks.

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Home Security Alarm Sales

You cannot put a price on safety. Especially when it comes to your home and loved ones. That is why as an Alarm Sales professional, you are selling a product that essentially sells itself. As an Alarm Salesperson you will be speaking with home owners about the importance of keeping their property safe through easy to install alarm systems. These are typically quick sales so you can sell a lot of alarm systems to a lot of residences quickly, giving you the chance to line your pockets with cash after just a day's work. 

Most Alarm and Security System Sales roles offer a commission plan that's between a whopping 10% and 18% depending on the tenure of the rep. This commission plan all but guarantees that reps that close just one deal per day will earn over 6-figures.

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Roofing Sales

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom will get through a good roof. The only thing that stands between most families and the elements is the solid roof over their heads. Unfortunately, since roofs take the brunt of everything nature has to throw at your home, they tend to build up damage over time that can compromise the integrity of an entire home. Worse yet, once a roof has holes large enough for rain and liquid to seep through, mold can develop in a home which causes major structural problems and can be a serious health hazard.

As a Roofing Sales person, it is your job to change all that and save families from the awful fate that having a busted up roof can lead to. Not to mention, you’ll make big bucks while you do it. 

Like Alarm Sales, Roofing Sales People spend their days speaking with home owners who may need a new roof for their home. Most roofing companies offer free roof inspections to homeowners which makes this a particularly powerful sale. After a roof inspection you as the sales person will actually show the homeowner proof of their damaged roof and then easily sell them on the solution of buying a new one. A successful sale will lead to a new roof being installed on the customers home, which usually costs 10’s of thousands of dollars. You will make a few thousand bucks off of every successful sale. The best part about this job is usually a result of a weather event that damaged many homes in the neighborhood. This means that you will likely be able to close entire groups of houses at once, making tens of thousands of dollars or more in commission . 

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Pest Control Sales 

Before you skip over this potential job you should be aware of the fact that Pest Control Sales people have some of the highest commission percentages of any industry with an average commission size of between 20% and 30% of any deal they close. Moreover, it truly takes a bold man or woman to step into the world of pest control sales and as a result, the competition is much slimmer than it is in other industries. Also let's face it, no homeowner wants to have unwelcome rats, termites or critters roaming freely around the house. Pest Control companies also generally offer free home inspections so a homeowner can know if they do in fact have unwelcome guests in the home. Who in their right mind would turn down a free pest inspection? If your prospect is revealed to have pests in the home then your services will sell themselves.  Pest Control Sales people have an extremely high earning potential giving the dual benefits of having very high commission structures as well as a product that is a need to have as opposed to a nice to have. Even moderately successfully Post Control Sales professionals can earn an upwards of $100k per year. 

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Window Sales 

Windows are everywhere and guess what! Many of them are old, fragile and just look crummy. Who wants crummy windows that are an eyesore for the entire neighborhood? Nobody, that’s who. As a Window Sales Person you will simply educate home and business owners about window pricing, installation and the many benefits of having new windows installed. Nice windows increase home value, improve energy efficiency and quite frankly just look damn good. Windows will never go out of style and as a Window Sales person you can be confident you will always be able to sell regardless of the economy. 

Window Sales people earn around 10% commission per deal and top reps close over $2million in business on average per deal. Forking them in over $200k per year.

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Satellite Service 

Who loves entertainment? Everybody, that’s who! Nearly half of all US households have no cable, satellite or subscription streaming service they can comfortably use to binge TV at the end of a long day. As a satellite service sales professional you will have the heroic task of helping hard working Americans get the television entertainment they deserve! You will simply have the task of convincing people that access to hundreds of channels, unlimited sports and PPV for around $40.00 a month is worth it (shouldn’t be that hard). Satellite sales people typically make around $300.00 per sale, meaning the path to making over $1000 a day is extremely attainable and likely if you have sales skills.

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And there you have it, multiple jobs you can literally go and get today that offer you the chance to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Why doesn’t everybody just do these jobs you ask? BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE CAN’T SELL. Period. If you’re reading this then you’re likely a member of the ‘hustler’ class and can sell ice to an eskimo. If you have a way with words, the determination to succeed and know 100% without any shadow of a doubt that you are going to make it BIG then stop reading and start applying to these jobs with the links provided.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 17, 27 or 70. Your future is in YOUR HANDS. There are no excuses, just opportunities to improve your situation. If you want the giant house, the fancy car, the beautiful significant other than START GETTING AFTER IT. 

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