How To Get a job in Saas Sales This Week

How To Get a job in Saas Sales This Week

Getting a sales job is easy. Period. If you think like a salesperson, play the numbers and use the following 5-steps you can probably start getting interview requests by tomorrow.

Step one -  Download your resume into a PDF. If you help need crafting a resume, click here for my step by step guide to the ultimate sales resume.  If you don’t have your picture on your resume I highly recommend adding one before continuing. Humans respond to faces and resumes with pictures have a vastly higher likelihood of being considered. 

Step two - Search “Saas sales jobs” on Google, scroll down to Google’s list of jobs and then click the link that reads “100+ more jobs”.

Now you are going to see a long list of jobs that are loosely Saas sales jobs of one kind or another. At the top of the screen you will see the options to change the location as well as the dates the jobs were posted. Click on location and change the distance to the furthest possible mileage you are willing to travel and then click on date and select for jobs posted within the last week.  

Step Three - Click on the first job listed, regardless of what it is. DON’T READ THE TITLE, JOB DESCRIPTION OR EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS AT ALL. This is actually key to your success and I will explain why later. You’ll notice a few portals you can apply through for every job. LinkedIn, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter will likely be the most common. 

Step Four - Getting job interviews this week requires playing the numbers and therefore maximal speed with each application is essential. Now, you are going to apply to the very first job listed regardless of what it is. Again, do not read about the job at all.  Open any one of the links you can apply through in a new tab. After clicking on any one of the application portals (ZipRecruiter or Glassdoor if possible) for the first job listed, fill out any basic information the application asks for. If they want in-depth information that will take time to write out, move on to the next job. If you have a cover letter, add it as well. A cover letter is not essential but it will increase your odds of getting an interview. If you need help crafting a cover letter read my article “How to Craft The Ultimate Sales Cover Letter” 

Step Five - Simply punch in your email, attach your resume and cover letter if you have one and move on to the next job. Do not read the titles, descriptions or any other information about the job you are applying for. Deciding which jobs you do and don’t want will be a fun luxury to have after you have interview requests. Apply to at least 100 jobs listed on Google. More is even better. Since you are just plugging in basic information and not vetting each job you should be able to apply to hundreds in under an hour. 

If you follow this unbelievably easy formula you are guaranteed to get interview requests. Repeat this exercise every day and you will 100% start to see interview requests pop up in your inbox this week. Be sure to check your spam and promotion folders for responses to your applications. It really is this easy to start getting sales interviews and if you need help domination the interview process, ready my “Slaying the sales interview” article for a leg up.

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