Using the Sales Planner | Setting Monthly Goals and Review

Using the Sales Planner | Setting Monthly Goals and Review


The first thing you will do in your sales planner is outline your commission goal for this month. At the top of the page you will simply identify what your quota is based off of, i.e. whatever constitutes a closed deal at your particular company. 

Then, you will identify the average commission earned per deal by someone in your position at your company is. If you don't know, ask a more tenured co-worker or your boss. 

Then you will simply write down the amount of commission you want to earn this month. Afterword's, you will divide your commission goal by the average commission you are likely to earn per deal. This will show you how many deals you need to close this month in order to achieve your goal. 

In order to cement your commission goal into your psyche you will write down exactly why it is you want to earn this amount in commission. Really think on this. The answer is never as obvious as it might seem.

You will then write down three barriers that you believe could stand in your way, followed by writing down three daily tasks you can do, each and every day in order to achieve your commission goals and overcome anything that stands in your way. 

At the end of each month you will review your commission goals and see how far above your target you hit. You will simply write down your commission goal, followed by what you actually earned. You will then divide your actual earned commission by your commission goal, giving you your percent to target.

Afterword's, you will reflect on your last month and write down why, or why not you believe you where able to achieve your goals. Remember, there is no shame in not hitting your personal commission goal! As long as you are learning from experience and reflecting on what went right and wrong, you are on the path to greatness. 

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