Ultimate Cold Call Intro Script

Ultimate Cold Call Intro Script


Having trouble getting traction on the phones? Use this tried and true cold call script that's sure to get you points on the board. Remember, sales is a numbers game. The more dials you make, the more successful you'll be. 


Cold caller: Hey there is _____ (name) available?

Prospect: This is ______, who’s calling?

Cold Caller: Hey  _____ (propect name)! this is ______ (your name) with _____ (company name). How are you doing today?

Pro tip - If the prospect responds by saying “good, how are you doing?” or responds in any way in which they ask you how you are doing, you’re in. For the sake of this script, we’ll pretend the prospect is a dick.

Prospect: I’m in a meeting (common lie. Who picks up their phone in a meeting?). What is this about?

Cold Caller: ______ (name) I know you’re busy so I definitely won’t take up much of your time. As I said earlier I’m with ______ (company name) you’ve  probably heard of us. What we do is (give your elevator pitch in under 30 seconds specifically highlight the ways in which whatever you sell makes the life of the specific person you are talking to easier.) 

Now, ASK questions! If you’re a recruiter and trying to land this person in a new job, ask them what they really like and dislike about their current role. If you’re selling software, ask them how they currently handle whatever your software aims to do. This is called finding pain. You must, must, must find pain to close almost any potential prospect.

Depending on your industry a one call close may be possible, if so, GO FOR CLOSE as soon as possible “You know Doug, based on everything you’re telling me I honestly can’t wait to make your life easier and get you using this thing. If you agree, I’d love to get us moving forward on this.”

Or, if you're selling a product in which multiple decision makers are needed or it’s just a longer sale, set up a demo if the prospect is qualified. Don’t waste your time on an unqualified prospect just because they're willing to talk to you.  And, now this is key to make sure you have everyone invited to the demo that would need to be there in order to make a buying decision.

“Perfect, I’ll get this next meeting on our calendars now. I’ll be inviting my solutions engineer Sarah to handle any technical questions that come up. Who else needs to join us on your end in order to move forward on this, should we be a fit?”

And just like that you have a basic intro script that will work 99% of the time with qualified prospects. Remember, your time is as valuable as whoever you're calling so act like it. Be confident, speak with purpose and remember, the person you’re talking to has your money in their pocket.

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