Using the Sales Planner | Weekly Game Plan and Analysis

Using the Sales Planner | Weekly Game Plan and Analysis


The key to sales success is to begin every week fresh and with purpose. Luckily, the Sales Planner is designed to guide you in doing just that! At the start of each week you will list your top three objectives for that week as well as your plan to accomplish each individual item.

You will then list one deal you know you can close or make major progress towards in the coming week, as well as how you are going to do it. 

Now you set your "Monday Mindset" and briefly describe the type of sales person you want to be in the week ahead. 


At the end of each week you will analyze your objectives from the past week and measure your progress towards each. You will then review the areas in which you performed exceptionally well, where you can improve up as well as your progress towards this month's commission goal.

When you plan and give yourself a bullseye to aim at, you dramatically increase your odds of success. With the Sales Planner by your side, you're closer then ever to your goals.

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