Where to Find and Hire the Best SDRs

Where to Find and Hire the Best SDRs

Having trouble hiring an SDR? You're not alone. 

You're company is growing and you need to hire more SDRs but you're running low on options and time. You've posted your SDR job description all over the interwebz and you've had several meetings with recruiting to evaluate candidates and you're all out of options.

The bad news is you haven't found a great SDR hire yet, the good news is we have a solution. You see, when trying to fill job openings for SDRs, traditional recruiting has the job posted on the company's career page and a few online job portals. While this helps check the box, it doesn't help you get a great SDR candidate.

Perhaps you've already hired an SDR or too, but they didn't work out. Afterall, being a succesful SDR isn't easy. 

The problem with hiring for SDRs is many of them don't follow the traditional career path or search, at least not quite yet. Some of your best SDR hires are hiding out there, and many of them don't have a resume to upload, and they might not even have a LinkedIn profile.

So you might be wondering where you can find the best SDR hires? Well, the answer is all around you. And here are a few places to look.

1. The Host/Hostess at Your Local Restaurant

We know it can be challenging to get out of the house with all things COVID, but hosts and hostesses of restaurants are great potential SDRs. They've already demonstrated they're not shy, and they have enough sensibility to be mindful and overly communicative with whoever they come across with. For an SDR responsible for cold calling, restaurants and bars are a great place to start. 

2. Hotels

Hotel staff are naturally extroverted people who have an eye for hospitality. They've likely been trained on how to communciate with guests and typically need to move around the property a bunch, so they tend to be high energy people as well. And high energy is something that can help any SDR be successful from the start. If you're going to be resilient as an SDR, you need to have high energy. 

3. Your Local Best Buy or AT&T Store

Retail is one of our favorite places to look for an SDR. Next time you're in a retail location, wait and see who strikes a conversation with you and then see how they handle addressing your needs. Are they asking questions? Do they appear confident? Are they making eye contact? If they answer yes to all three, then maybe let them know about that job opening you have on their team and encourage them to apply.

Those are just a few places to look next time you need to make an SDR. Don't worry so much about online applicants, but get out there in the world and interact with young professionals working in different fields. See who handles themselves with composure, responsibility and high energy and your best SDR might just be right in front of you. 



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