Write It Down To Make It Happen, It's Actual Science.

Write It Down To Make It Happen, It's Actual Science.

2020 came and went faster than the final moments of a closing sales quarter. 

Riddled with challenges, it was a tough year for everyone with no exceptions.

And at the start of 2020, everything looked great. You had your new year's resolutions in mind for work, and the best intentions of making them a reality. However, like everyone else a global pandemic came in the way and those resolutions were understandably forgotten by most.

If you're like the vast majority of people, odds are you didn't write down your goals for 2020 or make a concrete plan for how to achieve your sales goals on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

It's ok, even most of the smartest people in the world don't write down their goals and plans to accomplish them. For a group of Harvard MBAs when surveyed, the 3% who chose to write down their goals and plans to accomplish them, outperformed the other 97% of their classmates by earning 10x within 10 years of graduation. That's right, 10x.

And the best thing about writing down your sales goals and your plans to accomplish them, is that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Great sales goals are SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Relevant. You can learn more about them here. "Selling more" or simply "selling faster" are too vague, and something everyone wants to do. 

Here are some examples to help you get started

Executive Sales Goal

Bad Sales Goal: Make more money.

Great Sales Goal: Close 3 more deals per month averaging $20k in ARR.


Account Management Sales Goal

Bad Sales Goal: Keep more customers.

Great Sales Goal: Make sure all SQLs score an 8 or higher to qualify as a buisiness opportunity.


Manager Sales Goal

Bad Sales Goal: Keep the sales team motivated.

Great Sales Goal: Schedule 1 team outing per month 


SDR Sales Goal

Bad Sales Goal: Make 20 dials per day.

Great Sale Goal: Get 17 people to say no, because I know 3 will then say yes.


Account Executive Sales Goal

Bad Sales Goal: Get better at sales.

Great Sale Goal: Attend two sales training seminars this year. 

In a best case scenario, you write into existence your sales goals. You have a referenceable starting point for what they are and how to achieve them. When life gets busy, you have something to come back to and check youself against how you're spending your time and the progress you're making. You end up achieving your sales goals and you can carry yourself proudly as a result.

In a worst case scenario, you have written your goals down, but maybe luck didn't fall in your favor. At least you'll have a reference point to understand where things fell short and how you could have improved. Through the daily habit of self reflection you can improve yourself as a sales professional and as a person. The best salespeople strive to improve themselves in all facets of life. 

Own your destiny in sales starts with owning your day, but that can be tough to do. Following up with deals, closing deals, prospecting, cold calling, completing research on LinkedIn, updating the CRM, being booked for demos. The list goes on and on. Sometimes it feels like your average sales person has no control over their day. Rising above the noise is 

Time after time studies continue to show the benefits of writing down your goals and your plan to achieve them far outweigh the disadvantages because quite frankly there are none!

The best thing about your sales goals and your sales plan is that they are yours to keep and nobody elses. They aren't part of a CRM and they aren't for your boss. They are for you and to cultivate your own sense of purpose and drive. 

So jump back into the sales arena this year and get ready to do your best work, just make sure you have your goals ready and your plan on how to slay the lion before you draw your sword! 

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